Terms of Use



1.1. The website (www.BUILDCV.lv) is maintained and owned by SIA IG Konsultācijas (registration number 40003971198, legal address "Ķirši", Daugmale, Daugmale municipality, Ķekava district, LV - 2124, Latvia). The design and content of the website are the property of SIA IG Konsultācijas, and are subject to copyright.

1.2. Website - an environment created for the provision of services related to intermediation services for job seekers and employers.

1.3. User - a registered or unregistered legal or natural person who visits the Website and uses its services.

1.4. Services – all BUILD CV services meant for job seekers and employers, such as applying for a vacancy and publishing a vacancy.

1.5. Parties – BUILD CV and the User.

1.6. Use of the Website - any downloading, opening, viewing or processing of the pages and/or documents on which the Website is based.


2.1. On the Website, the User can obtain information about job offers and other employment-related information. The User is also entitled to publish his/her CV or job offer on the Website.

2.2. The BUILD CV Website is a technical solution that allows job seekers to publish their CVs or to search for job vacancies, while employers can publish their job offers. BUILD CV does not participate in the further selection process; it does not act as an intermediary in connection with the employment contract, and is not responsible for the performance of the employment contract concluded as the result of using the Website.

2.3. BUILD CV does not verify the User's data and does not provide any confirmation of the accuracy and trueness of the data provided or published by the User.

2.4. BUILD CV owns all rights to the Information Database. By using the Database and the Services, the User does not acquire any rights to the Database or its parts.

2.5. Neither the User nor third parties may reproduce, distribute, transmit, translate, include in other databases and make extracts from the Website and its parts without the prior written consent of the BUILD CV administrator and/or SIA IG konsultācijas.

2.6. The User is entitled to access the Website using only commonly used web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer,Edge,Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Safari, etc.). The User is not allowed to use the Website with the help of software or devices that use automated robot queries. If the User does not comply with this rule, BUILD CV is entitled to claim compensation from any violator of these rules for EUR 10,000 for each violation.Any query that violates this rule is considered a separate (individual) violation.

2.7. By using the Website, the User agrees to the Terms of Use, as well as the User agrees that BUILD CV uses cookies on the Website www.buildcv.lv to personalize the Service and provide better Services to the User. In the event that the User does not agree to the Terms, he or she is not entitled to use the Website.



3.1.1. By entering personal data on the BUILD CV registration page, the User creates his/her account to use the services of the Website.

3.1.2. When using this User Account, the User may create his/her CV on it, apply for job advertisements and use other Services whose use require a User Account on the Website.

3.1.3. If the User has forgotten their access data, the User can request to receive them through the system or by writing an e-mail to (info@buildcv.lv), and the old access data will be automatically deleted.

3.1.4. Each registered User of the Portal may have only one User Account, which is used only by the User. The User undertakes not to allow any third party to use the User Account or to use this account for the benefit of any third party.

3.1.5. The User undertakes to provide true data (on the User's education, work experience, skills, certificates, type of job sought, as well as other aspects related to the job search).

3.1.6. The User assumes full responsibility for the submitted data. The User independently evaluates the type of data he or she wants to publish on his profile, thus making it available to the employer.

3.1.7. The User can subscribe to receive news by e-mail. At the same time, the User has the right to opt out of receiving news and information about the services by e-mail at any time.

3.1.8. The User may at any time request BUILD CV to provide information on what User data is processed in relation to the User.

3.1.9. The User can request the deletion of data and the termination of further data processing.


3.2.1. BUILD CV has the right to delete the data submitted by the User in case of reasonable suspicion that the data are incorrect, not true or contain unethical or obscene information.

3.2.2. BUILD CV does not in any way pass on personally identifiable information of the Users to any third party.

3.2.3. If the User submits his/her CV and other documents in order to apply for a certain job advertisement, BUILD CV is entitled to transfer to the employer all personal data provided by the User in the CV and other documents. In this case, BUILD CV is not responsible for the privacy and other use of personal data transferred to employers.

3.2.4. BUILD CV may inform the Users about its and its partners' news and services via e-mail, if the User has agreed to receive news.

3.2.5. BUILD CV does not guarantee that the User will find a job using this Website.


3.3.1. Theprovisions of this section apply only to the User (Employer) who wishes to publish job offers on the Website or use other Services intended for employers.

3.3.2. By using the Services on the Website, the Employer undertakes to comply with all obligations under the relevant legislation, including refraining from any actions that may be related to discrimination against job seekers or adversely affect the rights of job seekers in any way.

3.3.3. An Employer can create a User Account on the BUILD CV Website to use the Website's services.

3.3.4. The Employer may create only one User Account; when using it, the Employer may publish job offers on it and use other Services, the use of which requires an Employer's account on the Website.

3.3.5. The Employer may only disclose access data to authorized persons, ensuring that no unauthorized persons access the User account.

3.3.6. The Employer must ensure that all employees and other representatives who access the data know and accept the Terms of Use of the Portal.

3.3.7. If the Employer has forgotten his or her access data, the Employer can automatically request the renewal of the data in the system or, by writing a request to the e-mail (info@buildcv.lv), the old access data will be automatically deleted.

3.3.8. The Employer can use the information obtained (such as candidates' CVs and other documents) from the BUILD CV only for their own purposes – to find employees. Transfer of data to other unrelated third parties is prohibited.

3.3.9. It is forbidden to copy or try to copy the BUILD CV database in whole or in part (both manually and with the help of computer programs).

3.3.10. The submitted job advertisements must comply with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the norms of ethics and politeness. The Employer takes full responsibility for the content of the advertisement.

3.3.11. An Employer may include only one job offer in one vacancy advertisement.

3.3.12. In case BUILD CV cannot guarantee the independent operation of its Website, the Employer may decide to stop using the BUILD CV services (by writing to info@buildcv.lv). In this case, a partial compensation for the unused services related to the Employer's account will be reimbursed within ten working days.

3.3.13. In case the Employer unilaterally refuses to receive further services for a reason other than that mentioned in paragraph 3.3.12., BUILD CV may not reimburse the unused services in cash.

3.3.14. The Employer may process the data only in accordance with the Data Protection Law, and the Employer must take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of or access to the data.

3.3.15. When concluding an employee selection project, the Employer is obliged to delete the data received from BUILD CV during the entire project. The data of the candidates that will be used by the employer when establishing an employment relationship or obtaining the candidate's written consent to the storage of data may be considered an exception to this obligation.


3.4.1. BUILD CV provides services upon receipt of payment, except in cases where the services are provided free of charge.

3.4.2. BUILD CV reserves the right to change the pricing of services and the availability of special offers at any time.

3.4.3. BUILD CV is committed to ensuring the continuous operation and online availability of the Website. If the operation is disrupted due to reasons unrelated to BUILD CV, the deadline for receiving the services connected to the Employer's account is extended for the same period of time as the Website has not been available. The Employer is informed about unforeseen disruptions to the operation of the Website.

3.4.4.BUILD CVmay unilaterally terminate the provision of services if the Employer has violated these Terms of Use of the BUILD CV Portal and has not remedied the violations within five working days of receiving the notice. In this case, the fee for unused services is not refunded.


4.1. When the User opts out of the continued use of the Services (regardless of the reason), it is always possible to delete his or her account at any time or send a written request to delete the account to the e-mail address info@buildcv.lv

4.2. The parties shall not be liable for unfulfilled obligations if they are caused by force majeurecircumstances beyond the control of BUILD CV and the User and which they could not have foreseen before the commencement of cooperation. In the event of force majeure, the term for performance of obligations is extended for the period during which the circumstances caused by force majeurewere in place.

4.3. The User is liable for damages caused to BUILD CV due to non-compliance with these Terms of Use.

4.4.BUILD CV is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the data entered in the Database, or for any damage caused to the User as a result of the use of the data included in the Database.

4.5. BUILD CV may change the layout of the Website without prior notice.

4.6. BUILD CV has the right to change these Terms at any time. The changes take effect from the moment they are published on the Website.


5.1. BUILD CV has the right at any time to ask the User to prove his or her identity using, for example, an identity card or a mobile code.

5.2. BUILD CV is entitled at any time and without any reason to prohibit the use of the Website, suspend the provision of the Services or terminate the provision of the Service to any User about whom there is reasonable grounds to believe that he or she uses the Website to provide the Service to a third party.

5.3. In the BUILD CV system, personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.

5.4. The Terms of Use are regulated by the legislation in force in Latvia.

5.5. The Terms of Use have been drawn up in Latvian. BUILD CV also provides the Terms of Use in other languages. If any discrepancies are found between the Terms of Use prepared in Latvian and any other language, the Terms of Use prepared in Latvian shall prevail.